Ashleigh Jane

Beauty Therapy

Express Facial – 30mins - $55

Quick pick-me-up facial - including a double cleanse, exfoliate, face massage, mask


Deluxe Facial - 1hr 25mins - $95

A tailor made treatment specifically for you. Includes cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask and moisturiser application.


Pure Relaxation – 1hr - $80

Pamper your skin with warmth, nourishment and hydration leaving your skin feeling soft and soothe while restoring your natural glow with hot parrafin.


Rebalancing Vitamin A Spa Facial - 1hr - $80

Help detox, purify and heal the skin. Awakens the skin’s metabolism, stimulating it to clear away toxins and restore natural beauty and glow.


Marine Radiance Facial – 1hr - $85

Restore radiance, softness and hydration to the complexion while oxygenating, nourishing, strengthing and toning. Suitable for all skin type and ideal for a bride to be.


Clear Skin Treatment - 45mins - $75

A combination of vitamin A, Multi-fruit Acid, minerals, deep cleansing clays and plant essences. This treatment assists with the clearing of eruptions, pustules and the controls of acne.


Ionic Purification Mineral Treatment – 1hr - $80

A Skin Detoxifying treatment that deep cleanses and stimulates the skin’s circulation. Includes a Zeolite mineral mask that warms the skin, absorbs impurities and re-mineralises.


Teenage facial treatment - 40min - $65

A deep cleansing treatment designed to draw out impurities, blockages in the skin. Education on how to care for their skin at home.


Anti-Stress Facial – 1hr - $85

A sensitive skin treatment that helps reduce the signs of sensitivity, the mask contains a natural anti-inflammatory leaving the skin feeling hydrated and calmer.


Hydra Restore Facial – 1hr - $85

A beautiful hot oil infusion mask to rejuvenate, nourish and fortify the skin. This luxurious treatment leaves skin looking younger, healthier, radiant, feeling softer and smooth.


Firming Lift Facial– 1hr - $90

Restorative, repair treatment that helps to strengthen, protect, firm, tone and condition skin. Leaves skin looking instantly relaxed, softer, clarified and rehydrated.


Eye Firming Lift Facial - 25mins - $35

Firm, tone, strengthen and oxygenate skin around eye area.


Glycolic C Facial Peels -20min to 35mins - $65

A facial to improve the appearance of many skin problems, including fine lines, sun damage and pigmentation


Glycolic C Microdermabrasion Facial – 45mins - $85

A Facial using Microdermabrasion facial exfoliating scrub that has the same particles as a microdermabrasion machine. Including a peel and refining mask.


Microdermabrasion Facial – 40mins - $85

Is a non-surgical exfoliation technique to remove dead skin cells, this helps to improve irregularities on the surface of the skin and to reduce fine lines, pigmentation marks and shallow acne scars.

Add Glycolic peel to this treatment for $20


Diamond Microdermabrasion – 40mins - $80

Creating a healthier, glowing skin revealing a beautiful you. Removing old skin cells while stimulating the prodcution of collagen and strengthen elastin, effectively pumping the skin out and revealing fresher, healthier and younger looking skin.

Add Glycolic peel to this treatment for $20